User Guides

The internet offers information on any topic we can imagine. One area that consumers would like to see expand is access to online user guides for products. This can prove to be valuable information of consumers of most any product. It can be frustrating to make a purchase, and then not be able to properly use the item because you have lost the user guide. In some cases, consumers are purchasing products from online sites including Ebay. Generally, these products do not come with user guides unless they are new.

Online access to user guides allows the consumer the ability to find out information on their product, how to properly use it, and how what things to troubleshoot if the product is not working properly. With so many people working different shifts than the standard 9 to5, the online access gives them the opportunity to access the information at a time that is convenient for them. It can be a wonderful tool for parents of small children who can access the information once their children are sound asleep. Too often, customer service phone lines have already been closed for the night by then.

Providing online user guides not only promotes quality customer service from the manufacturer, it can lead to future purchases because of the convenience of the feature. It can also save manufacturers money. I for one get very impatient and frustrated if I am kept on hold very long when contacting a manufacturer. They may lose future business from me because I donít want to deal with that each time I need assistance that can easily be found in a user guide online.

In addition, manufacturers can reduce the workload of the customer service staff. In some cases, they may be able to reduce the number of employees needed, further reducing costs. Most manufacturers offer a 800 number to call them. Reducing the number of calls they take will reduce the expense of all those calls they take on their dime.

Online user guides show consumers that the manufacturer is interested in more than just making the sale. It indicates they are there for to offer assistance and support their customers whenever they use that product. The online user guides that are available are often accessed by their customers. This shows an interest and demand in the need for more manufacturers to offer them.

The majority of online user guides are exactly the same as the information included with the item in its original packaging. Most are offered free of charge, as a thank you from the manufacturer for purchasing their products. They are generally easy to navigate and find the section pertaining to your particular need. In a world of computers and online searching, having user guides available just makes sense.

If you would like to find more online user guides for the products you purchase, let the manufacturer know. They often respond well to such comments from consumers. They will also work hard to meet the demands of the customer to continue earning their business and loyalty. Online user guides are very practical in this era of computer dominance. They offer consumers instant access to the information they want, when they want it, in a form that is easy to use. That is customer service that just canít be beat.

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