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Ovid Web Gateway offers a comprehensive online user guide for all software that has been released by Ovid Technologies, Inc. This comprehensive online user guide is divided into 25 sections, all clearly identifying any areas you may need to access for information pertaining to the software you purchased. Everything is written in clear, simple wording to make the information easy to understand.

Beginning with an introduction that welcomes you to Gateway and its products, the site is very user friendly and inviting. Here you will find information about any changes made to any of the software systems they offer. Logging into the software can be frustration. This section of the user guide offers tips to make this process a piece of cake for everyone from new users to computer experts.

The online news page offers wonderful information about what is new and features that have been enhanced on the software systems. One great feature of the software is the ability to search multiple data bases at one time. This process saves time, but can be confusing to use. The online user guide simplifies how this process works and how you can customize it to meet your individual or business needs. Session recovery is also a great feature. We have all been frustrated after discovering we lost the document we were working on. However, the session recovery feature only works if you understand how to access it.

For additional help while you are using your software, help pages are available. The online user guide explains step by step how to use the help features. This will allow you to get the most from your software. A very useful feature is ask a librarian. Similar to the help pages, it will help you get specific questions answered from a professional.

Ovid Web Gateway offers two search interfaces, basic and advanced mode. The online user guide can help you understand the benefits of each. This will help you choose which one to use. It will also explain how you can change back and forth between the two options on your computer. The tools icon on the main page allow you to select useful tools. The online user guide gives you a detailed explanation of what each tool offers as well as examples of when to use it.

The Ovid Web Gateway allows you numerous ways to research and collect data. This technology is going to save you time conducting research as well as provide you with the best possible results. However, with this technology comes the frustrations with trying to use it properly. The online user guide offered is a valuable tool. It gives you up to date information on how use all the features your software has to offer. The convenience of being able to have immediate access to this information ensures you will be able to put this great software to work for you, making the investment well worth it.

Ovid Technologies, Inc. prides themselves on offering innovative software to allow you to complete your research quickly and accurately. Should you have any issues that you canít resolve using the online user guide, you can call Ovid Technologies at a toll free number for free customer assistance and support 24 hours a day. The access to the online user guide is free of charge as a service to the consumer.