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With so many cell phones on the market today, it can be difficult to choose. Nextel offers a variety of cell phones with packages that you customize with the features you want to have. The two way radio and low cost make is a great choose. Nextel also offers an online user guide to help you with getting the most benefit out of your cell phone. In addition, Nextel offers a great online tutorial with audio and visual aids. All are free of charge.

You can choose from three different online user guides. The choices are the basic user guide that came with your phone, the interactive user guide, and the demo. Regardless of which one you choose, all are set up to offer you quality information on how to operate your phone and the special features available.

The voice section of the online user guide discusses making phone calls, using the 2 way, setting up your voicemail, speaker phone, voice activation, and how to monitor the minutes you have used. The phone book offers you information on how to store numbers. If you recently changed phones, it offers guidance on transferring your stored numbers to the new phone.

You are welcome to print the online user guide for Nextel, but have that ink and paper ready. At 183 pages, it is going to consume both. For your convenience, you can easily bookmark the sections of the online user guide. This will allow you to have faster access the next time you use it. You can also just print the pages you want. The user guide has so many pages because it is very detailed. The goal is to provide you will information on every portion of your phone, available features, and how each feature works. Further information allows you to customize the features on your photo to meet your individual needs.

The user guide also provides you with complete terms and conditions of the phone, safety, general information, customer care, and an index. Nextel hopes the online user guide will assist you with getting the most out of your cell phone. A cell phone can be a great tool, but only if you are aware of the features it offers and how to use them properly. If the online user guide does not solve your problem, you can contact Nextel Customer Care. They are open Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm and Saturdays from 9am to 2pm.

Nextel is one of the most popular cell phone carries on the market. They offer a wide range of phones, added features, allowed minutes, and plan packages. They unique 2 way radio is a great selling point on the line of phones. Nextel takes their role in providing quality products and service very seriously. They offer a very complete and comprehensive online user guide. They also offer additional customer support if you canít find the information you need. Nextel continues to update the user guide as changes are made. This feature allows you to find up to date information that may not have changed from the user guide that came with the purchase of your product.